Who We Are

The Office of Vocation & Ministry (OVM) equips and sustains Orthodox youth and young adults to engage their faith, explore their vocation, and grow as servant leaders. The OVM defines vocation as one’s unique and ongoing response to Christ’s call to love God with heart, soul, mind, and strength, and the neighbor as oneself.

Our Mission and Vision
We strive to inspire and sustain youth and young adults, and those who serve them, for a life of Orthodox Christian vocation and purpose.

Our hope is that Orthodox Christian youth and young adults have the opportunity to engage in thriving ministry across North America and become servant leaders for our 21st century Church and world.

Definition of Vocation
Vocation is one’s unique and ongoing response to Christ’s call to love God with heart, soul, mind and strength, and the neighbor as oneself.

What Happens in the OVM?

The OVM hosts the CrossRoad Summer Institute, a program designed for high school juniors and seniors to explore the relationship of faith and vocation. Many HCHC students first fell in love with the school by attending CrossRoad while in high school, so the office serves as a great place to check in with program leadership, grab coffee, and have great conversations. Hellenic College Holy Cross students also serve on staff for CrossRoad, and their intensive six-month training program is centered at the OVM and is unparalleled in its co-curricular preparation for ministry. Learn more.

For CYML students, the OVM is your home base for exploring your own vocation during the program. Learn more.


OVM leadership has published several books that support the vision of the mission and vision of Hellenic College Holy Cross:


The OVM seeks to be theologically and faithfully Orthodox Christian; to be excellent stewards of the resources of the visionary philanthropists and foundations who support our ministry; to work with integrity, energy, and creativity; to provide engaging and theologically rich programs through effective administration; to publish resources to share learning; and to utilize collaborative inquiry for ongoing program planning and evaluation.